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Les Mosses Church

Built in response to both a desire and a need, the Les Mosses church saw the first light of day in 1911. Constructed almost entirely of wood with a roof of thin wooden slats, the church is « Heimatstil » in style - typical Swiss architecture. Today it’s not only used for church services but also for concerts.

The distance that had to be covered in order to get to church in the last decades of the 19th century gave rise for the call to establish a church in the Les Mosses region. Generous donations along with a financial injection from the State finally made this happen. And that’s how the Les Mosses church came to be.

Realised by local craftsmen, the church is principally made of wood. The entrance to the sanctuary passes through a glass porchway in the south-east of the building. The existance of two doors side by side is explained by the fact that the church was designed to have a movable partitioning wall, a device to break up the interior volume and so economise on heating. The church roof comprises thin round overlapping wooden tiles « little planks » individually hand-made to completely cover the wooden structure.

Today the Ormonts parish holds regular church services but as it is highly appreciated for its acoustic qualities, the church also allows concerts to be performed there.

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Eglise des Mosses
1862 Les Mosses
Phone +41 (0)24 491 14 77
Mob. +41 (0)79 744 52 85



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Office du Tourisme Les Mosses - La Lécherette, Route du Col des Mosses 106, 1862 Les Mosses, Suisse - Tél. +41 (0)24 491 14 66 - Fax +41 (0)24 491 10 24 - info@lesmosses.ch
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